Red Bird on the Portland Music Stream

Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR

Red Bird is an Americana soul band that communicates powerhouse vocals and mind-bending guitar features. Often joyful, always honest – you will believe these songs were written just for you. Their sound is bluesy, soulful and rootsy…like if Tom Waits, Prince and Brandi Carlile had a musical love child. Tickets: $20 to view the Live Stream of this performance A small number of IN-PERSON STUDIO AUDIENCE seats (10) will be sold for this event. Everyone who attends must adhere to strict social distancing and masking guidelines. There will be no eating or drinking and use of the facilities will be limited. $40 for a seat in the Studio Audience (in-person).

$20 per show, $40 for in-person tix (10 tix max in person for social distancing)