Red Bird Duo

Alberta Rose Theatre - Streaming Concert, My music studio!, Portland, OR.

Support The Alberta Rose Theatre & Portland Musicians! We are bringing live music to your living rooms in this time of social distancing. You can purchase "live" shows individually or as a package deal for all shows.

Performers include: 3/21: Michael Dean Damron 3/22: Lewi Longmire 3/25: Ashleigh Flynn 3/26: Kris Deelane 3/27: 3 Leg Torso 3/28: Sávila 3/29: LaRhonda and Mark Steele 4/1: Jerry Joseph 4/2: Lenore. 4/3: Garcia Birthday Band 4/4: Tony Furtado & Stephanie Schneiderman 4/5: Tavé Fasce Drake 4/8: Jeffrey Martin & Anna Tivel 4/9: Steve Kerin 4/10: David Jacobs-Strain 4/11: Bre Gregg 4/12: Rachel Brashear 4/15: Datura Belly Dance 4/16: Kevin Burke 4/17: Rob Wynia (of Floater) 4/18: Edna Vazquez

The Alberta Rose Theatre Presents:


It’s a way to still see and hear the bands & artists you love, support them and the theater through this gig-less time, share a concert experience and connect with others in the Portland music community. The PORTLAND MUSIC STREAM is a subscription service. For $100 you will get 20 concerts sent to you, with new shows 5 nights per week, and available on demand. For now, we are planning shows between March 21st and April 18th. Your subscription will help keep a vital venue alive, musicians at work, and foster community in this time of social distancing.

$20 per show, or $100 for the month of shows.