The audience showed up in force and the band knocked it out of the park with a perfectly in-the-pocket concert featuring an array of incredible voices and sublime slide guitar. Everyone went home happy that night.”

— Adam East, Alberta Rose Theatre

Something To Talk About: A Tribute to Bonnie Raitt

Something to Talk About is a musical collaboration between some of Oregon’s finest singers and players joining together to pay tribute to the queen of the bottleneck blues. 

Bonnie Raitt has not only infused the world with incredible music, but she has deeply inspired generations of performers and songwriters. She showed women they could rock as hard as any man and proved to all people that female players should be taken seriously. Simply put, she changed the face of music. 

With a combined number of 100 years of performance experience, this is truly an all-star cast of musicians, all of whom site Raitt as an important musical influence in their life. This rich pallet of singers and players from different genres are joining forces to pay tribute to someone they feel moved the direction of their music - - this is a powerful show.

Click here for a list of key musicians.

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